Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phoenix Family Fun!

This past week we went on our first trip to the USA since we have been married! It was so fun! All of our Burr family was able to make it down there for a week in the sun! We stayed at a beautiful house that a bunch of our parents friends own together which made it so much more affordable for us! After a bit of a delay in missing our morning flight we caught another plane to Chicago and then one to Phoenix.  Sure enough they forgot to send our luggage on our plane so it stayed in Edmonton for one more day.  Just our luck....we kind of actually expected some of these things to happen believe it or not.  We were just so happy to be going that it wouldn't wreck our trip at all! Once we got to our destination there was no stopping us! We had so much fun laying by the pool in the backyard, sipping on some (virgin) strawberry daiquiris and margaritas, shopping for a few hours at a time, golfing for the boys, eating delicious food, and enjoying great company!  My family went down there a few months ago and me and Bry weren't able to go at the time but they had told us all about it...we just didn't know how good it really could be! I ended up buying more than I should have I know, but how can you resist the cute baby clothes they have in the States....they are so much cheaper too!...Of course it doesn't help that we don't know the gender of the baby so I figured I would be best off buying a bit for a girl and a bit for a boy! hahah! Luckily Bryan just laughs at me and tells me I am silly.  The boys did a ton of golfing and also were able to go to a Diamond Backs vs. Bluejays Baseball game which they tell us was so fun!  We hit some good restaurants including:
See full size image,See full size image, Joes Farm House, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and we were blessed to have some of Bev's Good Home Cooking to fill us up!

The shopping was so good....Target, Ross, Kohls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Carters outlet, Mills Outlet Mall, and everywhere in between- Deal$ Deal$ Deal$ everywhere!

Here are a few pictures that we took around the pool!

Some mean games of water basketball were played Brothers vs. Brother-In-Laws

Ellie was in the water as much as we would let her be...she loved playing with all her toys in the shallow end and it was perfect because it was only about knee deep on her there.  Occasionally she would take the BOAT out for a spin in the deep end to go fishing for her little toy fish.  She loved helping Carly splash Grandma and thought splashing was so funny.

Here is a great one of us hey! Hahaha! Bryan loves diving for things in the water so that game kept him busy for hours! Ellie would throw her toys and Bryan would dive and get them for her....I just can't decide who thought it was more fun.

Claire and Oliver - They both loved the pool! We put Oliver in the floating boat and he had a ball just kicking around and playing with toys in the pool.  I think Claire could get used to this life pretty easily...her kids loved the water! 

Carly and Ellie thought of many fun games to play all day long...if they weren't together you could usually hear Ellie calling her name trying to find her so they could go play on the swings or in the pool!

After 7 days of fun in the sun we headed home to Canada.  Of course we couldn't have everything go too smoothly, that would be ridiculous! I just had to get sick on the plane ride home....I dont get motion sick or anything like that normally on planes but I think I had a bit of a FLU BUG to be honest.  I definintaly found out that those little paper bags that the airline so kindly supplies you with hold quite a bit...Bryan was surprised how HEAVY that little bag I filled really was! Yuck....But we made it home safely and we are glad to be back!

move, Moving, MOVED!

Well the time came and is now past but I'm a bit slow and so I will catch you up on the latest!  We recently moved across town from our beloved main floor 3 bedroom rental to a much more southern location in Edmonton.  We thought it would be best if we did the inevitable move before Baby Burr was knocking too hard on our door so May 15th we loaded up our HUGE U-Haul and headed to the our "Spanish Palace" as we affectionately call it. 

The Old Homestead

The U-Haul and the Big Man by it!

The New-To-Us Spanish Palace

 It is a 3 bedroom townhouse located in the Kingsgate area (Millwoods) right across the street from 2 elementaries.  We left the Strathcona Ward which we loved and now are part of the Meadows Ward, which we are just getting to  know (but really like so far!)  Bryan was mocking me because of the things that I was so excited for at this house such as clean looking lino, a dishwasher (old but none the less it washes), stairs, and so many other things that I felt like made this place so fun and real homey! I must say it does have a killer walk-in-closet in the master bedroom which I never thought I would have in my own house!  Some other features of the place is  washer and dryer in the unfinished basement, back and front patios, a balcony off of the master bedroom, a wood burning fireplace, and 1.5 bathrooms! We are just in the process of setting it all up still but don't you worry I will take pictures as it comes together a little more.  For now I just have a couple.  We were so grateful for all the help that we got from our many family members and friends that showed up! We definitely could not have done it without them! Now we are using my BBQ quite often on the patio that Bryan got me for Mothers Day.  I love it! And yes it is a great mothers day gift really because that means he cooks and not me...he is a genius! We have already had some killer meals on it and are starting to try all sorts of foods grilled!