Monday, March 14, 2011

March & Marriage

This past weekend we attended Taylor and Kaitlyn Layton's wedding! It was a very beautiful happy day.  Taylor is Bryans cousin on their Prince side.  It was fun to spend time with family and see everyone!  Kaitlyn looked so beautiful and they both were just so happy!

The Bride and Groom in the First DANCE!

Grandma Prince and Bev

Bryan, Claire, and Andraya

Brent and Carley

Andraya (soon to be our new sister-in law....thanks to Cam!)and Me

Bryan, Emilie, and Grandma Prince

Friday, March 4, 2011


If this picture doesn't make ya laugh I don't know what will! This is Emilie's new trick we have taught her.  We hold the finger gun up and say freeze and she puts her hands up. She also is starting to wave on purpose and scoot around now. Its pretty cute!

Burrfect Design

I just started a new blog of projects I am working on and have done of invitation type things. If you want feel free to check it out....just click on the BURRFECT DESIGN button on the side or the link to get there anytime!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February at a Glance!

We had a very fun filled February! Here are a few pictures to prove it!

Emilie is loving being a bit more mobile and sitting or rolling all day long.

She enjoys brushing her hair in her spare time.

We go our bowling shoes on and hit up the Bonnie Doon Lanes 

The whole family was able to knock a few pins down! It was so fun!

Preston was blessed and so Grandma and pa Baldry came up with Amy and Sarah & Logan!

Then me and Jenna and the kids all packed up and went down to Grandma Baldry's house for the week.  Emilie and Anni were able to play hard all week and fight the terrible flu at the same time! Grandma loves buying the girls matching clothes and here is proof...their cute matching pjs! I swear I didn't teach Emilie this move.  

Bathing in the swimsuits!

Climbing all over me (or as Anni calls me....Uncle Tess)

Playing so hard she just fell asleep, still holding onto the little tikes van.

Bubbles galore!

My cousin Parker Wood's wedding was also in February.  Here is a great shot of him and Grandma Baldry!

Aunt Debbie and my Dad

The beautiful decorations!

The happy couple as well as a cute little admirer Georgia! This is Parker's soon to be niece!

The girls dancing away!

Grandpa and Em dancing to a slow song

Amy was loving having her nieces and nephew around!

Those cats know how to boogie!

Cute hats aunt Whitney whipped up! She is amazing! Emilie wanted them both!

Working it for the camera

Tired of taking pictures