Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raptors New Recruit

Bryan and Robby Spitzer

Our sweet seats for the rest of the game!

Layin it up

Bry gettin spinny

We were just so close! They are so big!

For our wedding we were lucky enough to get 2 tickets to the raptors vs. nuggets game here in Edmonton this past Tuesday. Bryan's friend Robby hooked us up with those as he works at the local radio station. Robby also pulled a few strings and Bryan ended up in one of the intermission shows on the court so we got to watch the whole first half from the floor! The competition he was in was called "Spinny-Bat" and he had to spin 10 times around with his forehead on the top of a bat, then run to half court and put on a raptors jersey, dribble down the court and do a layup. Bryan schooled everyone at the spinning part and that really gave him a big lead. He dominated the other 3 competitors and made me proud by winning. He just won some weird raptors stuff like a XL shirt, hat, wristbands, a flag?, and just little stuff like that. It was so fun to be so close to all the action though!!!