Thursday, November 27, 2008

Know When To Hold Em'

Bryan & Gretzky

On the LRT on our way. Look at the excitement in my eyes!

Kenny doing his thing!

Bryan and I had heard about this Kenny Rogers concert and kind of laughed saying "Oh, that would be fun.." Sure enough a few week later Bryans friend hooked us up with some free tickets to see his Greatest Hits and Christmas Concert! ahhaha! I will be honest...I was a bit sceptical going into it but wow! ahhaha! That old man puts on a mean show! He was hilarious...and he is about 72 I think! I didn't know too many of his greatest hits but I sure sang along when "The Gambler" and all the christmas songs were sung! hahah! I think we were possibly some of the youngest fans there! ahhaha GOOD OLD Kenny!

Trip to Saskatooon!

Well I am not so good at keeping you all up to ate so I figure I will just add some pictures of things me and Bry have been up to lately! Way easier!

Here is uncle Bryan with little Anni! We went and visited the Wights not long after she was born! It was such a fun little trip! Can't wait to see them all again! We hated leaving!

This was too precious to pass up. Jen had told me about this "look" Anni gets after she has eaten. She lovingly refers to it as the drunken sailor look. Well sure enough we were able to capture it!! What a funny little baby!

What a character!!! Here she is again after a "decent lunch"(as her auntie Amy would call it)!