Monday, April 12, 2010

U Create 2

check out this blog.....i just posted some stuff on it and dont feel like posting it on mine too! ahhah!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A BURRific Easter

This year for Easter we were able to spend it up here in Edmonton with the Burr's. We had lots of fun playing with Cam's new puppy "Lola", jumping on the tramp, watching conference, making crafts, eating good food, and watching movies!

My first "prego" shot....i know, i know, get off my back Kelsey...I finally took 6 months! Only 3 more months to go!!!

Easter is so much fun when you have a little niece like Ellie around! She was so excited to go and look for the easter treats scattered around the yard. She even came prepared with her little wagon!

Oliver our little nephew seemed to be quite content with the fun easter eggs as well! We ended up using the wagon to cart Oli around was more fun that way!

The Baldry fam was down in Arizona for Easter! We missed them but are excited to see them when they get back! It sounded like they have had a fun time even though we weren't there...imagine that! Haha! Sarah has already skyped me and showed me some of her new deals she found! We can't wait for our turn to go down there and get to shop till we drop! May 20th, watch out Arizona, here we come!!!