Friday, March 9, 2012

Rockband Date

Our date for the month of January was a RockBand date at home.  We all got dressed up and ready to sing, strum, and dance our little hearts out! We all loved it.  Bryan even got some new-to-us PS2 games that we put to good use! Watch out American Idol here he comes!

Emilie singing her little heart out

we be jamming

Blue Steel - (note her little baby in the background!)

The sing-off

Can you say wedding video

Hanson Trip

Way back in December Bryan noticed that his favourite band was coming to town so we splurged and got two tickets for the January concert in Edmonton.  It was so fun to go to and I just loved watching Bryan singing his little heart out to all of his favourite songs and just loving every minute of it.  I am pretty sure that I was the only girl there that was there because my man brought me not because I was the Hanson fanatic.  I have grown to like their music over the years that we have been married so I did know quite a few of the songs but not even close to how good Bryan knew all the songs and the singers.  They were very entertaining!  We filled the rest of the weekend with lots of fun things.  Here are some pictures from curling with the Burrs! It was really fun.  We just love going and visiting Edmonton.

Avery & Emilie

Brent, Judd & Carley

 Emilie & Ellie

Bryan, Cam & Brent

Calgary Temple

Well way back in January we were able to go and see the angel Moroni being placed on the top of the temple... It was early one weekday morning so just me and Emilie went.  It was so cold as you can tell by Emilies red little face. Here is a blog we are keeping an eye on to stay updated on the progress of our temple that is only 10 or 15 minutes away!