Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Easter Egg Roll Turned into an Egg Throw...Trying to hit the tree in the distance....harder than you think when it sooo windy!

Suck an Amy would always tell us! ahhaha! Just Kidding Dad!

Mom is being funny again...

Me and Mamma Trey

Amy decorated like crazy ...her hands ended up blue!

Our plenty of East Eggs.

Look who is almost 29....and feeling alive!

Bryan and his new hair...he loves it!

Sarah's new haircut...she got bangs! Too cute!

We went home to Taber for Easter weekend! It was so fun! We were able to pack our weekend full of everything from cleaning amy's house and yard, to funerals, to church, to an easter feast, to colouring eggs and finding easter treats we were busy. We were sad that Nate and Whit and Jen and Darin and Anni couldnt come home but we were happy to see everyone else! Mom was making wonderful treats and feasts for every meal. Bryan couldn't even fit anymore in after that weekend, which really is something! Mamma Trey has done it again...satisfied the hunger of Bryan. I still haven't been able to do it! ahha!