Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fairmont Getaway

This past week we went to Marble Canyon to my parents time share out in BC right by the Fairmont Hot Springs. It just ended up being Bryan, Emilie and I but we managed to pack it full of adventure to say the least. On our trip down we got in an accident but we walked away from the roll without a scratch. We have been counting our blessings ever since. Once we got everything sorted out were were able to have some fun in the mountains and go to the hot springs, visit Invermere, relax, go on a hike and enjoy beautiful British Columbia.

Here is a picture of the car in the wreck yard when we went to gather some of our belongings the next day from it. It was pretty smashed up but we were so lucky no one got hurt.

This is the place we stayed and the rental car that we ended up getting

Emilie getting ready for the walk outside....what a cute little snow bunny!

Em and me in front of the waterfall

Bry and Em on our walk up to the falls

Emilie and Bryan at the airport in Cranbrook where we flew home from.

We are so glad to be home now are are so thankful for all the help we received from strangers and family. We love you all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

One of many to come I hope!

I have made it my new years goal to learn how to use my camera better...I have had it for almost 2 years now and its one of those cameras that it looks like you should know what your doing with it but i don't. So here is to the start of trying to get better at it!

Splish Splash I was taking a Bath!

Little Emilie-Boo sporting the "teacher look" with her plaid blazer over a knit sweater vest...can she get much cuter?

Work it girlfriend!

My little nephew Preston at not even 2 weeks yet came over to visit yesterday!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm An Aunt Again!

Little Preston Oliver Wight was born on Dec 31, 2010...a few hours shy of making it to the new year. We know he just wanted to be here for the party! Here are a few pictures of the new little guy! He is so cute and cuddly! We are so excited to have another nephew. Little boys are pretty fun!

Uncle Nate and Preston at the hospital!

Anni really was excited...she made him a picture!

The proud parents Jenna and Darin Wight

The proud grandparents!
Auntie Amy! The girls in the matching outfits!

We are so glad that Preston made it here safely!
Grandma Baldry and the grandkids

A Burr Christmas!

For Christmas this year we were able to spend it here in Edmonton with our Burr side. We had so much fun with everyone. We were missing Carley and Judd sadly but they were in Hawaii with the Payne's this year. On Christmas Eve the Burr extended family always gets together. This year we met at the Bearspaw Chapel and ate great food and played a bunch of Minute to Win it games. Bryan, Emilie & I slept over at the Burr's house Christmas Eve and then opened presents up there in the morning. Cam made us some crepes that were so yummy next. Christmas day at the Burrs is a bit different because it is also our brother Tom's birthday. So we had his favourite supper (Cafe Rio Burritos) and had cake and celebrated his birthday later that day. Claire found some fake mustaches that she gave him for his birthday. They looked hilarious! Even little Oliver was sporting one! Christmas is just the best!

The boys with the Staches

Birthday Boy Tom...Look how many candles! ahha!

Emilie watching the boys play a little NHL on the PS3....sadly she loves it.

So excited about her new doll and monster....bryan picked the monster...hahaha what a cute gift for his little girl! ahha!

Oliver so excited about his new CARS!

Cam in the onsies I got him. Fit like a glove.

Grandma Burr and little Emilie

Great grandma and Grandpa Burr wheeling Ellie around! She loved it!

Bryan focusing so hard

Some the of the cousins and Emilie

Brant dominating the pencil bounce game....

Cam teaching the toilet paper game who is the boss

Great grandpa Burr winning the ball in sticky peanut butter game.
What a great sport!

Face the cookie Bryan

The junk in the trunk game was so funny!

A Baldry Christmas

We were able to celebrate Christmas a little before and a little after this year with our Baldry side of the family. Bryan, Emilie and I went and visited my parents and Amy and Sarah & Logan a week before Christmas and we were able to do many fun things while down in Taber. We hit up the AquaFun Center, some went ice fishing at Chin Lake, Sledding, many puzzles, a few movies and lots of good company. After Christmas my parents came up to visit and we got to celebrate the season all together at Nate and Whit's new house! It was so fun to have everyone there as we dont get to be together as much as we would like to be!

Grandma and Grandpa Baldry putting the girls to sleep (its about 11 on New Years can tell which kid is the real night hawk!)

Grandma got nerf guns for all the boys (our hunters and gatherers)

They had a few rounds of fun you could say!

Darin and Logan the snipers!

Jenna enjoying the last few days of the BABY belly!

Mom and Sarah looking cute as usual

Aunt Whit playing with Em! She loves her!

Amy in the Snuggie we got her! I think she loved it!

Family picture that is already out of date....missing little Preston!

Emilie's first time at the AquaFun Center in Taber (one of Amy's favourite things to do!)

Having too much fun with the baby santa suit!

We all loved the pool! I'm sure it will become a tradition now!

Amy and Emilie hung out a ton! Thanks Amy!

The ice fishing crew! (Who's the guy with the rose coloured glasses? Just kidding!)

Emilie trying to look like grandma baldry!

We had a ton of fun! Thanks mom for all the work you did to held us have such a good time!