Thursday, June 21, 2012

March and April

Here are some pictures from March and April. Emilie has been able to come with me to Cubs a few times. Skating was probably the funnest night to come. All the boys took turns at pulling her around the pond in her sled. She loved it! 

This little crib is where I often find this little monkey. Please note one sock and no pants...this girl just cracks me up!

A few classic tub shots. My pretty little Em!

A big cheesy grin for the camera!

Oliver and Emilie on the rides at West Ed! They cried when they had to get off this ride! So much fun!

Going on our first bike ride with mom's new bike and the trailer behind it! We have been using it tons and just love it!

Our little monkey!

Emilie and Uncle Cam's GIANT teddy bear!

Here are a few shots of Easter way back when!

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  1. OK i just can't get enough of her! haha she's too cute. I especially love the pic with the monkey on her head...she's so serious like she doesn't even notice or care their is a big head on top of hers...haha soo funny!!