Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas is sneaking up!

This past while has been a whirl wind as I'm sure it has for you.  We haven been doing some fun things and I will let the pictures tell you the details!

 little mary and baby jesus

 thinking she is hilarious

 our ward party...night in Bethlehem

 putting the wiseman in a head lock....she loves him

 trying to wear her jessie doll's hat

 LOVING being outside in her sled

thinking she is hilarious again...mop head

We just love this funny girl.  She loves to make people laugh and will do almost anything to get a laugh! We are busy getting ready for Christmas and keeping up with Emilie! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Destination Hearing

We love to visit Bry at work and stop in before going to get groceries or after hitting a couple stores for a few minutes.  He has been lucky enough to land this great job working at a hearing clinic here in town.  It is a new place so it isn't too busy yet which works out good for him since he can work on his school in his down time.  He is taking a Hearing Practitioner program offered through Grant MacEwan.  It is an online course so he is able to work from Desination Hearing and take his school at the same time. Who wouldn't want to get paid to go to school right? We are loving Cochrane so far and feel very blessed that Bryan has this opportunity with this clinic.  
 The Clinic (note the little girl trying to escape at the door)
 Dad even lets Emilie run around a bit at the clinic!
 And jump off big boxes
 The hearing aid repair room
 The consultation room
The booth where they test hearing

We are so grateful for Bryan for going to work everyday and being such a great provider! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sweet Ride

Since we have moved to Cochrane we have been able to go for a couple Sunday dinners at my Aunt Denise's house.  We love the food and the company is even better. It has been so fun as my cousin Chelsey has little kids so there are lots of fun things to play with for Em. One of the funnest is the little Mustang! What kid wouldn't dream of having one of these!

We found Aunt Denise's "Jessie" wig and couldn't resist giving Em a new look! How cute is she! haha!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Fun Family Photoshoot

Here are some pictures from the past weekend.  We were up in Edmonton for Claire and Tom's New baby boy Avery's blessing.  He looked so handsome in his little blessing outfit that matched his older brother! It was fun to get to see everyone again! We hit the lake and Emilie played her little heart out.  We were able to get some family pictures done by Leah while we were there! She is so great to accommodate all of us with such short notice! Thanks again Leah!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago now we had some family photos done by Leah Karch. The turned out great and we are all loving them.  My favourite was to see my sister Amy modeling away.  She was having the time of her life doing all sorts of poses that she had seen before, rolling over in the grass, laying on her side with the hand on the killed me! She is just the funniest lady around! Thanks again Leah! Make sure to check out her photography blog!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look Who is 1!

We were able to celebrate Emilie's 1st Birthday on June 1st, even though her real birthday was on the 4th of July.  Most of our family was able to help us celebrate at Grandma Burr's Backyard.  Lots of good food and fun was had! Thanks all who came! Emilie has been getting good use out of all her new toys and clothes!

What Happened to June!

Here are a few shots from June...that month went way too fast! 
Emilie is a little turkey sometimes and thinks it is fun to wipe her food in her hair. 
She has been getting more teeth lately....she has two on the bottom and 1 BIG front tooth on the top, with 3 others trying to make their way through.
She went on a Daddy-daughter date with Bry and they were both wearing their baseball two favourite people!
Aunt Whitney made this cute little dress for Em....what a crafty lady!
She is pretty easy to make laugh...I love her deep little voice!