Thursday, October 28, 2010

Living Room Update

Well as the outdoors is getting ugly i decided to brighten up my living room. Many reasons but for a few it had no colour in it and I think that Emilie likes colour. There was mainly a black and white theme to it but as the walls are so boring here i needed colour. So I got some fabirc for $4 /meter at fabricland that my sister-in-law carly found and recoveder two pillows, moved some frames from other rooms into this room, put that cute quilt (made by Carly for Emilie) on the couch, and got those two new canvas pics from tai peh or something in the was such a fun store! Each frame was $10 and it matched so perfectly i could not resist! We also moved out the coffee table as we felt we needed a bit more space for the little lady to spread out and kick around. Using bright colours actually is perfect in this case because now all her brightly coloured plastic toys and things kinda go! ahah! I always love a bit of change...and this will hold me over for now in doing anything drastic! One day i will paint the coffee table that we are using as a tv stand....but until then its great!

I love the baby in the corner especially....she is my favourite accessory to the room!

And our beautiful picture or the temple we were married in! And some great family pictures....Even two picture frames that are kinda gold.....That is my next thing I think....bringing in the GOLD! I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The MOM Club

I now have officially joined the mom club....that's right .....I got a mom haircut, and I love it! Its short, its easy, and I also got bangs! Bryan's mom Bev was kind enough to do it for me! Now my little Emilie can't get her little paws all over it anymore! Hallelujah!

The Front

The Back/Side

Monday, October 4, 2010

Picture overload! Here it comes!

Our fall family picture from the weekend!

Ellie jumping out of the frog...a fun conference weekend!

Oliver playing with his truck

Emilie loving the bath

Uncle Nate juggling the kids

Emilie just loves her cute dad

A Rumbo in the Bumbo

Our usual morning ritual

Visiting Grandpa Wolsey

Me and Emily have matching fun! matchy matchy!

Bry is off to work to bring home the baccon for his girls!

Blessing Day

Emilie's Blessing was actually at the begining of August but I am a month behind as you can see! It was such a wonderful day to have everyone there supporting our little family! I am so grateful for Bryan and the priesthood power that he holds. We are so blesssed to have this little girl in our lives.

Montana Girls Week

So this summer I went with my sisters and mother to my aunt Denise's cabin in montana for a week! Since the weather was not all that nice this summer up here this was like heaven! Beautiful weather accompanied by fun people and great shopping makes for a great time! Sarah and Logan came for a couple days but i didnt get any pictures with them since they were always off doing something and I couldnt catch them

playing in the pool: aunt denise and my cousin chelseys kids (Remy and Cade)

me and emilie and below emilie with her aunt whit! i cant believe they make swimsuit this small!