Saturday, July 24, 2010

Emilie's First Photoshoot

We decided to attempt our own pictures instead of hiring someone so yes they are not perfect but they are of a really cute girl so it doesn't matter! My sisters Jenna and Whitney helped do them and I did a bit of photoshop on them after and here is what we came up with! Oh little Emilie!

Its A Girl!

Our little lady has finally arrived! We feel so blessed to have her in our family.

It all started Sunday, July 4th at around 10:00 AM.  I was laying in bed talking to Bryan joking around that I should just have the baby that day since we didn't feel like teaching our lessons at church that day (I know, what a bad attitude).  I decided to get my lazy bones up and start getting ready for the day but as I got up my water broke. Boy was that a surprise! At this point I had no contractions and so I didn't even see it coming.  At this point we knew it was just a matter of time before we would see our little baby.  We both got ready for the day and about an hour later arrived at the hospital feeling calm and cool.  They checked me out and at this point I was 3cm dilated and still no contractions.  The told me they were going to give me some Oxytocin to induce contractions in a drip into my IV.  I was moved to the labour and delivery room and there we waited till about 2 PM until contractions started.  I held off until 3PM (a whole hour!) before I asked for my epidural.  The epidural made me a bit nauseous so they gave me a gravol to help with that but it also made me a bit sleepy sending me into a 2 hour cat nap.  At about 6 PM I awoke and they checked my progress.  I was fully dilated and they told me I would start pushing shortly. After about 1/2 hour of pushing, our little girl entered the world.  She was healthy and happy and we have been enjoying since!

On the way to the hospital

Some PB & J toast - tasted like heaven!

WaaLaa here she is!
Emilie Renae Burr
6 lbs. 15 oz.  -  50cm long -  6:58 PM

One proud Papa!

First Family Photos

Grandma Baldry!

Uncle Nate!

Aunt Whit!

 Leaving The Hospital (not even 24 Hours old yet!)

Buckling Up For The Ride Home!

It was so fun to have her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins come visit at the hospital! She has many people who really love her! We feel so blessed her arrival went smoothly! Now I just wish she could tell us what Heaven was like...She has been eating like crazy and is really growing! At 2 weeks old she was 7lbs 10 oz! The nurses were very impressed. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Nursery

Well with all this time and my fingers just itching to do projects I am pretty much done the baby's room.  It is very neutral as we still don't know the gender but I figure that its not hard to just add pink if needed! There is a lot of creams and whites as when we bought the furniture we were living in a place with coloured walls.  Now the place we are in has white walls...not a problem just was different that the original plan I guess you could say.

So here is the breakdown of the colour scheme above...
top left - crib sheet from target! 
top middle - brown throw which may or may not be used as crib blanket
top right - bottom third of curtains, rocking chair cushions, dresser runners
bottom left - crib skirt (used to be a shower curtain)
bottom middle - recovered chair, material in some picture frames
bottom right - curtains (also used to be a shower curtain...thrifty i know)
The colour scheme was basically inspired by using almost all things that I already had...creating a very inexpensive nursery I would say! 

Here are some items in the room
Top left - a framed alphabet picture I made on Photoshop beside frames of scrap material from the chair
Top right - one of the dressers Bryan repainted that we got off Kijiji
Bottom left - The other dresser from kijiji that Bryan removed two drawers from and created a stained wood shelf - the top of this dresser will be used as the change table (note the HUSH- CUZ I'M THE MOM blocks I made at Whitneys house one craft night with the Baldry girls)
Bottom right - The recovered chair that Bev (Bryans Mom) helped with

The mobile that I attempted...its not perfect but hey thats ok...I just used scraps that I had and bought that little wreath nest from the dollar store.

The rocking chair off of kijiji that Bryan and I painted (I painted long before I was pregnant) with cushions that Bev made..she is good! The little night stand that we got for free from Bryan's cousin..and we painted the bottom.  Lots of painting as you can see...

I'm sure I will always be changing and adding things because that is what I do but for now, this is all of it together kind of - with the cute crib that we found at Liquidation World of all places! We love we just need a little baby to put in here... hopefully only a few more days is all I can say! Due date is July 9th (Friday) but I would love to meet him/her sooner! Hahaha